Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin: How He Created One Of The Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies
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His story began in 2004 when he was 10. He understood that he was interested in computers and decided to write video games. All of this took place with the proper guidance of his father, who was an expert in computer science. Vitalik learned about Bitcoin in February 2011 at the age of 17.
Julie Sweet
Julie Sweet: The Champion of Corporate Gender Equality
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In 2019, Julie Sweet, whom the New York Times called  "one of the most powerful women in corporate America", started her tenure as the first female global CEO of Accenture. Sweet grew up in Orange County, California. Her father painted cars for a living and her mother was a beautician.
Dr. Krishna Ella
Dr. Krishna Ella: The Man Who Gave India Its First Covid Vaccine
Bharat Biotech was founded by Dr Krishna Ella who was born to a middle-class family of farmers hailing from Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu. He first set out into the world of biotechnology through agriculture. After completing his Master’s at the University of Hawaii and his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Krishna returned to India in 1995.
Ikee Rikako
Ikee Rikako: A Cancer survivor aiming at Olympics
Rikako was diagnosed with leukaemia in early 2019 and following treatment lasting 10 months, she was discharged from hospital. The 20-year-old returned to pool in August 2020 and secured a place in her country's Olympic trials in January this year.
Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams: How He Became The Music Superstar
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He's currently promoting the release of 'G I R L' singles including 'Marilyn Monroe' and 'Come Get It Bae,' and has just signed up as a coach on The Voice US. What else? All we know is that whatever it is Pharrell will continue to influence music that is yet to come. 
Christine Lagarde
Christine Lagarde: The First Woman Chief of International Monetary Fund
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Christine Lagarde made history in 2011, becoming the first-ever managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, this is just one milestone in a long list of her laurels.  Born Christine Lallouette in Paris, she tasted success even in her early days, representing the French synchronised swimming team as a teenager.
Zhong Shanshan
Zhong Shanshan: The Breakout Success of Bottled Water King
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Born in 1954 in Hangzhou and dropping out of school at age 12, Zhong went on to try his hand at a multitude of odd occupations including construction work , mushroom farming, beverage sales and news reporting. It was only in 1996, when he decided to start his own company, Nongfu Springs, producing bottled water and grew steadily. Over the years, he paved the way for his company to become China's top beverage company.