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Will IMF continue its loan programme under Pakistan's new finance minister?
India's rise as a global counsel at Samarkand summit
Success of the anti-Soviet armed campaign in Afghanistan that was conducted on the slogan of Jehad, resulted in the establishment of the first Emirate of Taliban in Kabul in 1996. The latter carrying the historical legacy of the anti-West 'Wahhabi revolt', soon bared its fangs against the US, compelling the latter to work for its ouster.
Lal Taploo
Justice delayed and denied: Why Kashmiri Pandits are losing faith
Each time a rejection came, the community's hope for justice took a hit to the point that today the victims are finding it difficult to comprehend whether the perpetration of crime was more painful or the denial of justice. Back in July 2017, a bench presided over by the then Chief Justice of India, J.S. Khehar, and comprising Justice D.Y. Chandrachud dismissed a public interest petition filed by Roots in Kashmir (RIK), an organisation of Kashmiri Pandits.
Once a 'Congress State', Assam in no mood to go back to old ruling party
However, what catches everyone's attention is the steady decline of the Congress party's dominion in Assam, bringing a striking change in the political fortunes of an influential regional party Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), and the meteoric rise of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power as an alternative to the once-dominating Congress or other regional parties of the state. The previous notion -- with the rise of a regional party in Assam, the national parties have lost their relevance -- had long seemed to have been proven wrong in the state.
By changing Vyapam's name twice, MP govt can't whitewash its stains
The Vyapam scam was an entrance examination, admission and recruitment scam. It was functional since the 1990s and was finally unearthed in 2013. It first rocked the government in 2013, when it surfaced that candidates bribed officials to use imposters to take exams on their behalf. The state government first rechristened it as Professional Examination Board (PEB) in 2015 and in February this year renamed it as Karmchaari Chayan Mandal (Staff Selection Board).
Amit Shah
Wave of happiness among 'Pahari' tribe on Amit Shah's upcoming Kashmir visit
As soon as this news came to light, hope has awakened among the hill people living in Jammu and Kashmir of the fulfilment of something that they longed for so many years. Ever since Jammu and Kashmir got the status of a Union Territory, the Central and UT administrations have been taking historic measures for the people of the lower, settled and especially the nomadic classes.
Mohan Bhagwat's Madrasa visit & meeting with Imam: Is RSS changing its stance?
However, the recent meeting of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat with Muslim intellectuals and his Tursday's meeting with the head of All India Imam Organisation at a mosque in Delhi, which was followed by a visit to a madrasa here, have drawn everyone's attention -- in the political as well as apolitical circles. Bhagwat on Thursday visited a madrasa in the old Delhi area where he interacted with the teachers and students.
Permanent Capital: Answer to India's $10 Trillion Economy
The one trend that has been in focus throughout the asset management industry, especially the private equity world, is "permanent capital". This is broadly defined as access to funds for long periods instead of the usual seven to ten-year fund horizon that has been the norm in the private equity industry.